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The department of General Medicine is usually the first point of contact when an outpatient comes to the hospital. Dedicated to understanding and non-surgically managing everything that concerns the overall health and well-being of adults, it coordinates seamlessly with other departments in case the patient needs to be referred for specialized treatment and care.

The most critical part of any treatment is early detection and prevention. The General Medicine speciality at Bhrungi provides comprehensive care for adults with a wide variety of complex medical issues.

Patients of General Medicine typically exhibit a range of acute exacerbations amidst chronic conditions, a condition known as multi-morbidity, which can make identification of the principal diagnosis and treatment challenging.

Bhrungi addresses these challenges through diagnostic accuracy and individualised care. The expert team of General Medicine specialists at Bhrungi plays a major role in this area. Every patient is examined and properly diagnosed with utmost care. The ultra-advanced diagnostic facilities help the specialists to achieve accuracy in diagnosis. Most of the dreaded health conditions, even cancer, can be treated well if diagnosed early.

Causing the least inconvenience to patients, our well-experienced General Physicians can help them get the best medicare available. The cases they skillfully handle could be simple acute conditions or complicated chronic diseases, which are a result of unhealthy lifestyle or are genetic in nature. Supported by highly reputed Internists, well trained in India and overseas, the team of General Physicians at Bhrungi is all prepared to take on any kind of health condition from a very wide range of primary or speciality health problems.

Our team also comprises highly experienced infectious disease specialists who have the necessary expertise to successfully treat a wide variety of viral and bacterial infections causing debilitating and life threatening conditions such as Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Swine Flu, TB, HIV-AIDS etc.

Dengue fever
Malaria fever
Typhoid (Enteric) Fever
Lifestyle disorders
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Infectious diseases
Acute and chronic respiratory diseases
Metabolic disorders
Tropical diseases
Allergy and immunological disorders
HIV and other immunosuppressed disorders
Palliative care
Conditions 1
Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is
better than cure

To ensure maintenance of your good health, our physicians provide the best preventive medicine services. Domain experts offer timely advice and counselling on proactive measures and lifestyle modifications to prevent disease and help you lead a healthy life. Towards this end, Bhrungi extends a wide range of health checks and preventive screening services such as mammograms, pap smears, colon cancer evaluations, cholesterol screening, and blood pressure checks.

Manage diabetes

Manage Diabetes.
Enjoy Life!

Qualified and experienced Diabetologists are part of the team to help diabetics better manage their condition through diet modification, counselling, oral medications and insulin therapy. Comprehensive care is provided for all diabetes-related complications.
If one is a diabetic patient, the first advice which comes from any consultant is to bring in some lifestyle changes. At Bhrungi, we are aware of how difficult this can be and we work with you to fit the routines of diabetes care into your everyday life. Our experts also coordinate with the Gynaecology department to provide comprehensive gestational diabetes programmes for pregnant women.

At Bhrungi’s Diabetology Centre, our team of top endocrinologists and dieticians work along with general practitioners, specialists of other departments and related health professionals to provide:
• Individual consultations and educational information for diabetic patients.
• Information for people who have recently been diagnosed and their family and their caretakers.
• A comprehensive approach by the team of specialists to multidisciplinary diabetes care
• Customized dietary assessment and education, advice and help on lifestyle changes and frequent monitoring.
Apart from providing the best diabetes care, our endocrinology team also specializes in treatment of thyroid disorders. Cases of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are expertly treated through medication, dietary supplements and surgical interventions, if necessary.