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How to overcome child health and vision due to the online classes

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Change is inevitable, whether it is through time or a pandemic. The pandemic reshaped the education system as the schools were forced to shut down all at once putting 1.2 billion kids out of the classroom. It was not just about transitioning from classrooms to online learning rather it was about testing the change in medium of instructions, attendance, funding, testing, the technology’s role and the human connections that held it all together. Many are looking at this as an opportunity to transform the education system and reimagine what school originally looked like. It is a proven fact that children learn better in person, in a three dimensional set up with a lead teacher, their classmates and other engaging activities. Online learning fails to do so but still schools are looking at online learning as a way to meet different needs – such as children who would like to study virtually and children with some medical condition.

Disparity amongst the experts

While some may believe the future of education is online learning, there are a few that hold different views. Many put forward an argument that online learning is only a supplement and cannot replace the traditional in-school learning or instruction. Children in front of a computer screen staring at it all day is not optimal, plus zoom fatigue is very real. Some also point out that online learning is good for now but in the long run it can mean intense isolation.

The quality of online learning is not the same throughout, there is always complaints about lack of live interaction, poor child attention, technical difficulties and failing grades of children from the parents side. While online learning has worked for many, most kids have definitely struggled with their studies and the toll that online learning has taken on the children’s mental and social well being cannot be ignored. A number of kids especially in the lower grades experienced health problems due to long hours of online classes during the time of pandemic. The kids seem to suffer from eyesight issues, backaches, headaches, obesity, strain, extreme fatigue, irritability and insomnia. There were also behavioral changes noticed in the children by the teachers and parents negative attitude, aggression, bunking classes and misusing gadgets given to them for educational purposes. The children also stated that they were feeling less confident and the motivation was also low. However, no matter how hard it gets, learning is a continuous process while considering health, values and relationships as a priority.

Rising health concerns & how to prevent them

Bhrungi Hospital is evolving with the new era and helping parents in being aware of the risks associated with online classes while still continuing to reap the positive benefits on a daily basis. Bhrungi Hospital provides assistance on how you can overcome your child’s health and vision due to the online classes.

First of all, a parent needs to check for the below listed symptoms in their children:

  • If the child is suffering from constant headaches and if their sleep cycle is being affected
  • If they have red and strained eyes
  • Have pain in their muscle and joints
  • The child is avoiding attending online class
  • There is lack of motivation and anxiousness in the behavior of the child
  • The child is feeling isolated and they have minimum socialization time
  • There is lack of communication and they are facing uneasiness

Apart from all of these eye strains is the most common problem as kids used to be in front of screens for video games and now online learning is added on to the list. The classes sometimes are very long which results in strained eyes often leading to headaches and fever in many children.

Bhrungi Hospital suggests tips to overcome the above-mentioned issues:

  • Parents must focus on reducing the dependency of their children of reading via computers.
  • Make sure the kids have proper sleep at night shutting down all the computers and laptops at least two hours before the bed time.
  • The parents must avoid using of very bright designs for any e-learning programs by their children to reduce eye strain.
  • If children do not meet their homework deadlines, do not rush them and give them enough time.
  • If the younger children are feeling restless, let them go and play outdoors.
  • Let children have 15 minutes break between the sessions so that the minds can be refreshed.

Adopting these tips will not solve the problems completely but definitely reduce over time with consistent practice and patience.

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